Friday, July 22, 2016

Tips For Buying A Used Laser Cutter

Buying a used laser cutter is an excellent idea if you need one of these handy tools but do not have the money to purchase them brand new. This is a machine that can be used to cut a wide variety of materials like steel, aluminum, copper alloys, and much more. Although they are mostly used in the metal fabrication industry, there are many reasons why a hobbyist or small business would benefit from having one. Because these devices are so highly efficient and accurate they are able to increase the speed and capacity of cutting as well as reduce the costs involved.
Because there are so many types of these machines on the market, it is first important to determine the best type of used laser cutter for you. One of the most popular models is the CNC laser cutterbecause it uses a computer to control the path of the beam and offers a level of precision that could not be achieved by the human hand. This machine itself can use three different types of lasers: CO2, Nd, and Nd-YAG. The CO2 is able to engrave, bore, and cut through most materials, especially metal. Nd and Nd-YAG use the same type of beam, but a different application process.
Some devices are stone cutters which are able to cut through a variety of rocks such as granite and marble which allows them to be used largely in the construction of furniture and fixtures. However, the typical used laser cutter is intended for the cutting of metals. They are usually given a high price because for the most part only large industrial factories have need of them. However, smaller businesses and hobbyists can also benefit from them as well. Recently prices have gone down thanks to technological breakthroughs, and there are some smaller, more compact models on the market as well.
Naturally there are certain risks involved when purchasing a used laser cutter. If you purchase one that has mechanical problems there will probably be no way of getting your money back besides selling to someone else. For this reason it is always a good idea to do a thorough inspection of the machine and ask plenty of questions concerning the usage and any required repairs. Before making a purchase, ask the seller what their policy is regarding returns and if any warranty is offered. It is also crucial that you get any agreement in writing, such as the product description, price, payment terms, and shipping requirements.
Finally, when in the market for a used laser cutter, be sure to visit a wide range of dealers before finally making a purchase. While doing so, compare the prices, added features, and the quality of information you receive from each. Ask for referrals from people you know who have purchased similar machinery in the past.